Welcome to “Meneer de Hond”

Meneer de Hond is a transparent dog walking and “dog sitting” service for Amsterdam Centrum and Westerpark. In every shift of approximately 1.5 hours, we take an average of 8 dogs for a walk. The group consists of a selection of breeds and sizes and will therefore never contain 8 large dogs at once. We do two shifts a day and will add an extra evening shift in summertime. Service 24/7




I service the area Amsterdam Centrum and Westerpark. Due to the close proximity of these two areas, I can guarantee that your dog will never spend more than 30/45 minutes in the van, during our drive to the location. If the district you live is adject to the centre of Amsterdam, don’t hesitate to call me. I can tell you whether this is on my route. The dogs are transported in my van. As safety is my number one concern, the van meets all safety requirements.